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On-Site Troubleshooting

Sometimes no matter what you do, a problem just won't go away. It may be an instrument problem, a software problem, or a problem making a method or calibration work.

If you are sure it is an instrument problem and you have a service contract, you can get it fixed. But if it turns out not to be the equipment that is faulty, you have just used up a call-out visit for nothing! In this situation, you need an HPLC guru to turn to, who can make the problem go away.

If you have such a person in your company, you probably won't be reading this! But if you don't, then we can offer such a person for an hourly or daily rate.

  • They can help you set up a new method and make sure it is working reliably.
  • They can help you understand setting up integration parameters or solve calibration problems.
  • They can help you get started with method development.
  • They can fix some instrument problems there and then.
  • If your system is not configured as well as it might be, they can spot that and show you how it might be improved.
  • They can train new staff in the operation of an HPLC.
  • They can help you move an instrument from one lab to another and make sure it is working when it gets there
  • There will not be many HPLC problems they have not seen many times before!

Before you book a visit, call us. We may be able to solve the problem over the phone! In which case there is no charge!

If you have an HPLC problem, please discuss it with us. We cannot solve all problems, and sometimes there will be someone else who we think is better able to help. But we have over 30 years of experience in HPLC with almost all makes of equipment, and if we can help we will be pleased to quote you for a visit, and make your HPLC problems go away!

Our rates are £150 per hour or £800 per day, inlcuding travel time. Most people book a full day, and even if you are a long way away (in the UK!) we try to arrive by 10 and work through till 5 so you get a full days work. If you have a method with a long run time, you may like to book two consecutive days. Compare this with many companies where you pay £150 an hour including travel, and only get a service engineer for about 2 hours for over £1000!!

We are offering an expert HPLC Specialist for a whole day for £800!

Although the visit can be used for training, this is not a substitute for a structured training course with notes and a course certificate. But it may be a very useful follow up, to ensure that new staff are confident to apply what they have learnt, and may rapidly pay for itself compared with the amount of damage a new member of staff could do if left to learn by themselves!

To book, call 01634 294001 or email sales@laserchrom.com