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Newsletter 11/03/2010

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If you are coming to the end of a financial year and have a little of the budget left over, here are a few ideas you could spend it on! Of course, you don’t have to be coming to the end of your budget! These special offers are open to anyone.

Under £500:

Introduction to Practical HPLC Course (2 days)  + Intermediate Practical HPLC Course (2 days) Special combined offer £445 + VAT

HPLC Troubleshooting Course £395.00 + VAT

HPLC Equipment  Servicing Course £495.00 + VAT

Previously Enjoyed  Solvent Recycler £395.00 + VAT

Previously Enjoyed Column Heater £395.00 + VAT

1 day on-site Troubleshooting or method Development £500 + VAT


Masterclass in Modern HPLC. Series of six one-day courses covering HPLC in detail. Not suitable for HPLC virgins! Special Offer: £995.00 + VAT Saving £500 + VAT!

Advanced Practical HPLC Course. 5 days hard work. But you will cover so much HPLC in 1 week! £795.00 + VAT

Practical HPLC Method Development Course. 3 days £595.00 + VAT

Used HPLC Pump or Detector

New CO20 HPLC Column Heater £795.00 + VAT saving over £200


On-site 2 day course at your company £1600.00 + VAT

New CO50 or CO30 Column heaters Up to £500 discount

Clarity Lite HPLC Data System

Please ask if none of these appeal to you. We are always happy to help you spend your budget!