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New FASTTrack HPLC Course!

Practical Masterclass in Modern HPLC

A one month practical HPLC course with hands on practical EVERY DAY!
Course Duration:
Four weeks during August, 3 weeks during September
Course Fee:

£2,695.00 - NO VAT.

Student price: £1995.00 (2016 student id)

What's Included:
Lunch, tea/coffee, notes, course certificate and course dinner.
Suitable For:
New graduates and those wanting EXPERIENCE in HPLC!
Course Presenters:
Next course date:
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The new Practical Masterclass in Modern HPLC is a course set up to meet the challenges of industry and students alike. This course provides a resounding YES to the question 'Do you have experience in HPLC?'. It prepares you well for a job interview, for a PhD course, and for a career in an analytical laboratory in any industry.

Employers can expect a lot from students who have done this course!

In 2016, the course runs in September. During September, we are running the course in a condensed format, over three weeks, but five days a week. This is by special request for those who need to take time off work and want to be away for the shortest time possible.

On the last day of the course, the whole day is a practical assessment. In the assessment you are given an HPLC method with a Standard Operating Procedure, and you have to make up appropriate standards and run the analysis on real samples and get the correct answer! Your results will contribute to your overall score for the course.

Monday-Thursday each morning has three one hour sessions, 33 in total, with excellent coverage of the technique of HPLC. So there is no excuse for not understanding the principles behind HPLC once you have completed the course! Each afternoon is a different practical, using different columns (including the new fused core columns for fast HPLC), different detectors, gradient and isocratic elution etc. Most practicals are carried out using industry standard Agilent 1100 systems, although some others will be used. Students will work in pairs in the lab, because we have found this to be the optimum ratio for a good learning experience. You will get experience of normal phase, reversed phase, and ion exchange separations on samples from the pharmaceutical industry, food industry and petrochemical industry.

The course comes with excellent notes, written in high school english, so you will be able to read them even if English is not your first language.

It is a lot to take in. But it is our challenge to make sure you understand, not yours to learn. We do this for a living!

Special offer for Students: If you can prove you are a student with a 2016 student ID card, you can book this course in 2016 for £1995.00

The full course programme can be downloaded below, although we may make some changes to the programme if opportunities to improve it present themselves!

The course is designed to welcome visitors from abroad. To this end, we have an accommodation programme, and we will offer transport from the Ramada Encore hotel to and from the course each morning.

It expected that these courses will fill up quickly, because they are being promoted by agents abroad in several countries. Places are available on a first come first served basis. We expect the course to run several times a year, and for booking to close 3 months before the start of the courses. This should allow participants from overseas plenty of time to book a low cost flight to the UK and make a visa application if required. For those who have booked and paid by the 31st July, we are offering a free web-based HPLC Foundation Course, and the certificates will be presented when we welcome you to the UK.

For those wishing to visit local attractions, Rochester is a top tourist destination with so many places to see. It is also only 28 minutes from London on a high speed train service to Strood, so you can plan a cultural programme while you are here and even bring your family if you wish!

We offer free wifi internet at Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories Ltd so you can keep in touch with family back home and tell them how much you are enjoying being in the UK!

To book, please download and complete the booking form below. Alternatively, from the Booking Information tab at the top you can download it as a Pdf or Word file. Once we receive your booking form we will make a Provisional Booking for you. Once you have paid, your booking changes from Provisional to Confirmed and we will send you a receipt by return. You may need this to prove to the embassy you have already been accepted on the course when applying for a visa.

Full payment is required no later than 6 weeks before the start of this course, and we offer a free HPLC Foundation Course (web based) which should be completed during the six weeks immediately before coming on the Masterclass. Once you have a Confirmed Booking, cancellation terms and conditions apply.

We look forward to welcoming you to the UK for this course!