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Practical HPLC Series


1: Introduction to Practical HPLC


This is our most popular range of courses. Each course contains practical elements run in the laboratories at Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories Ltd. Participants work in pairs during the practical sessions

If you have never done HPLC, there is no substitute for actually learning on an HPLC system. Seeing problems occur in real life is so much more realistic than just discussing them.


The Introduction to Practical HPLC Course covers reversed phase columns (eg C18/ODS), the basic theory of HPLC, an overview of HPLC equipment, applications of HPLC, how to set up and follow an isocratic method, basic integration, and exterenal standard calibration.

Its is a 2-day course and both afternoons are spent in the laboratory, running standards, setting up a calibration, then running unknown samples.

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2: Intermediate Practical HPLC

3: Practical HPLC Method Development

Following directly from the Introduction to Practical HPLC Course, Intermediate Practical HPLC covers further principles of HPLC, a wider range of columns, an introduction to gradient elution and calibration using an internal standard.

During the afternoon practical sessions, participants run a gradient method and set up an internal standard calibration.

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This course covers the basis for using a systematic approach to HPLC Method Development. We consider what needs to be optimised and in what order, to achieve a robust and successful HPLC method.

For this course we run samples throughout the course using a gradient system with diode array detection. We show how to optimise the eluent strength, the eluent solvent and solvent ratio, the temperature, pH etc. Be prepared to see some amazing changes in the separation!

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4: Practical HPLC Troubleshooting

5: Advanced Practical HPLC


This is not a servicing course. We look at problems with the chromatography, using six key indicators and show how to identify 90% of HPLC faults based on them alone.

During the course we demonstrate typical faults on a real HPLC system so, for example, participants will know when the lamp needs changing or there is a check valve fault just from the chromatography!

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Apart from our masterclass, this is the most advanced HPLC course being offered anywhere. It covers HPLC from A-Z and has a challenge for even the most experienced chromatographers.

It is a five day course, with three half-day practical sessions during which participants get to run some more challenging separations.

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