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On-Site Training Courses

If you have five or more people that you would like to send on the same course, you may like to consider having an on-site training course on your premises. This applies to non-practical courses only.

If you are based in the UK the course fees are the same for an on-site course. However, with an on-site course, you save all the travel and accommodation costs. We come to you, and for all except the most extreme locations, we pay our own travel and accommodation within the UK mainland. The minimum number of bookings is five for an on-site course.

If you book 10 or more people on the course, a discounted rate applies, Please see individual course pages for the exact prices. A link to the course directory is given above.

For companies based outside the UK, we would be pleased to provide a special quotation. The course prices will remain the same, but there will be a contribution to the cost of travel and accommodation. It will still be very much less expensive than flying people to the UK!

Courses at your premises do not include practical elements. There are several reasons. Sometimes HPLC systems have not been working as well as we would require. Sometimes a fault occurs while we are using it, or shortly afterwards, and we are expected to pay for the repairs. And we may not be familiar with the software package which is installed, and hence be unable to show how the practical should be run. However if you particularly want a practical element, we can bring along a sample and a practical exercise which your staff can undertake after the course. We have several practicals already prepared, along with instructions, and would be pleased to discuss with you what is appropriate.

If you need specific training on the use of your HPLC system, please see our On-Site Troubleshooting page. This is a fixed rate service which can be used for one-to-one training, or bespoke training requirements, as well as system re-commisioning and troubleshooting.

Food and refreshments during the course are the responsibility of the host company.

You may wish to get together with a company nearby and arrange a joint in-house course to share the cost?

You can choose any of the courses listed in the course directory, as long as they are not practical courses. Or you can choose a combination. If you wish, you can have a customised course written especially for you. In this case, there will be an additional one-off charge for preparing the course.

If you would like to book the five Advanced HPLC Series modules in house, there is a special discount offer of £4995.00 for all five! You can have as many people attending as you wish. The course cost includes up to five sets of notes; additional combined sets of notes cost £50 each (for all six modules).

Course participants will all receive a signed course certificate.

You may like to consider a series of one-day courses, to provide on-site staff development, and to ensure they comply with CPD requirements. If so, we recommend our Principles of HPLC Series, or for more experienced users, the Advanced HPLC Series.

If you need accreditation by other professional bodies for CPD points, please contact us: sales@hplccourses.com