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Newsletter 26/11/09

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Last call for bookings on the HPLC Equipment Servicing Course 3-4th December 2009

The course runs on Thursday and Friday 3-4th December at Laserchrom in Rochester, Kent. During the course you would learn to

  • Check and replace pistons
  • Replace piston seals
  • Clean or replace check valves
  • Replace pump motors
  • Check and calibrate flow rate and pressure
  • Replace detectors cells and lamps
  • Rebuild a flow cell
  • Autosamplers x-y calibration
  • Replace a syringe
  • Replace the needle
  • Replace the valve rotor seal
  • Check for column voids and refilling
  • Replace frits and damaged end-fittings
  • Cut steel and PEEK tubing and make up a compression fitting

So if you would like to be able to fix HPLC problems as they happen, this is a very good way to spend two days in December! It is probably the most comprehensive servicing course in the market (anywhere!), and compares very favourably to courses run by competitors for £1000!

This course costs £495.00 + VAT, so the first time you don’t need to call a service engineer, the course has paid for itself. For full details and a booking form, please follow this link:


Masterclass in Modern HPLC – 30% saving if you book before Christmas!

This is a series of six one-day modules, running one every two months during 2010 at 6 locations around the UK. It’s an intensive course for experienced HPLC users, and is accredited for CPD points by a number of professional bodies. The content is at a higher level than our Advanced Course and there is no practical element. It requires a commitment of just one day every two months, and the regional format saves travel time and overnight stays.

The cost of the course is £1495.00 + VAT, but for those who believe in Father Christmas, there is a special offer for bookings received before Christmas: £995.00 + VAT!

Dates, full course details and a booking form are on www.hplccourses.com or follow the link:


New HPLC Course Dates for 2010 now available. Course Programme extended!

Sorry for the delay, but the course schedule for next year is now published:http://www.hplccourses.com/StuartJonesHPLCAcademy-CourseCalendar.htmThe course programme has changed a little, based upon the feedback we have received from customers over the last 3 months. In summary, the changes are:

  • The Amino Acid Analysis course is now a 2 day practical course at Laserchrom
  • The HPLC of Sugars course is now a 2-day practical course at Laserchrom
  • HPLC in Hospital Laboratories is now a 2-day practical course at Laserchrom
  • The Clarity Data System Course is now totally hands on.
  • The HPLC Troubleshooting Course is now a practical course at Laserchrom (still 2 days)
  • The Advanced Course now has 2 extra practical sessions, and is being run 3 times a year instead of twice. Still the same price, 5th year running!
  • For those travelling from abroad, and those wishing to do several courses at once, during 2010 it will be possible to attend the Introductory Course, the Intermediate Course and the Advanced Course back to back over a 2-week period. In October/November 2010 this is extended so that the Method Development and Troubleshooting Courses run the week after the Advanced course.

Essentially the feedback has been that practical courses in the labs here are much more popular than shorter courses run in hotels. As a result, at this stage we have not listed dates for off-site courses, with the exception of the Masterclass. However if you are interested in a short course from our off-site list, to be run either on your premises or at a nearby location, please let us know and we will try to arrange it!

New Courses Planned – Let us know if you would be interested!

We have several new courses planned, which have been suggested by customers and we would like to know if there is any interest! These are:

Chiral HPLC – 2 day practical course looking at Cyclodextrin columns, Cellulose columns for normal and reversed phase, Pirkle columns, Protein-based columns and ligand Exchange columns with copper in the eluent.

Preparative HPLC – 2 day practical course following the scale up of and easy separation (5 peaks) followed by a hard separation (15 peaks) to 9mm and 20 mm  id columns, using a fraction collector and flow rates up to 30ml/min. The procedure for scaling up to much larger columns with flow rates up to 500ml/min will be discussed.

EZChrom Elite – A 1-day course which is hands on, following the format of our current Clarity course.  We could run a similar course with other data systems such as Chemstation given sufficient interest.

If you have any other HPLC Course ideas that you would like us to consider, please email stuart@laserchrom.com.