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Newsletter 24/8/09

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Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories Ltd

August 2009

HPLC  Update from

Stuart Jones

What went wrong here? At least three answers please or you stand no chance of winning todays star prize! See later!

Justifying training is easy!

  • New staff learn how not to cause more damage than their salary can pay for
  • Results are correct because analysts recognise when an error occurs and correct it on their own
  • Reduced instrument down time and reduced maintenance cost
  • Motivated staff who understand how an HPLC works
  • Method development follows a procedure rather than trial and error
  • You get CPD points


Problem is, the science world has changed over the last year or two. There’s less of us, and we sometimes don’t have time to sneeze, let alone go on a course. And we need the CPD points to maintain membership of professional bodies!

To address this problem, we have changed our whole approach to HPLC courses. Most are now one day courses and run in 6 locations around the UK so you save the travel and accommodation!  If you have four or more people for the same course, we will come to you!

Courses are now accredited for CPD points by the Royal College of Pathologists and the Institute of Biomedical Scientists, and we are in discussion with other professional bodies. Please let us know if you need accreditation by a specific organisation.

For serious chromatographers we have a new Advanced HPLC programme, consisting of six one-day modules which cover the A-Z of HPLC. They will be run in six locations around the UK during 2010, and your only commitment is one day every two months. If you book all six, you get an extra certificate and the last two modules are free! See www.hplccourses.com for course content, dates, costs and a booking form. If you have four or more users who are interested, we can run the six modules in-house for you with additional savings.

We have a new website for all courses, with a new name and many new promotions:

Stuart Jones logoHPLC Academy logo


The courses start from just £195.00 + VAT, with many discounts online. These include extra discount for students holding a current student card, and special prices for universities wishing to incorporate detailed HPLC training into the undergraduate or MSc programmes. We also offer extra discounts for customers in Africa.

Practical courses are still available at Laserchrom. The Introduction to Practical HPLC course remains our most popular course, and the Practical HPLC Method Development course is the most detailed and interactive course available anywhere. For those wishing to cover the whole of HPLC in a week, our Advanced Practical HPLC course is probably the most comprehensive and best value. Students come from all over the world for this course, including those who present HPLC courses in their own country!

For hospital laboratories and other related labs, we have a new course  HPLC in the Hospital Laboratory, which covers the hospital methods in specific detail, such as catecholamines and metanephrines, 5-HIAA, Vitamins, Carotenes, HbA1C, and amino acids.

For the increasing number of labs using the Clarity Data System, we now have a 1 day course covering Clarity in detail

For those interested in Amino Acid Analysis we have a specific course for those dealing with animal feedstuffs, protein hydrolysates, and hospital samples, covering HPLC methods and using an analyser.

For HPLC of Sugars analysis, we have a new course covering the four approaches to analysing sugars, including mono, di, oligo and polysaccharides.

Discount deals are available on-line now. Please use discount code S08NL to book. As the course places sell, the discounts become less, so the best deals are now and the website will always have the best current offers! www.hplccourses.com


  • If you are looking to buy a new HPLC system, we have some amazing deals available at the moment. Please call me on 01634 294001
  • If you are in a hospital and are looking for an amino acid analyser, we are looking for a lab to be a demonstration site. This will involve 3-4 visits a year from your colleagues from other hospitals, and in return we are offering a big discount!
  • If you have an HPLC method that just wont play ball, we are offering on-site troubleshooting:



Best regards


Dr Stuart Jones


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PS:  There is no star prize! But if you didn’t get the problems with the calibration at the beginning....

  1. Standards concentrations are not linear – dilutions were  not correctly made up or not shaken well.
  2. Duplicates are miles apart – an injection error eg air in the syringe or the integration parameters were incorrect
  3. The line doesn’t go through zero, possibly because the highest standard may have gone off scale
  4. Two of the standards have been excluded from the calibration line calculation for what seems to be no reason.