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Newsletter 1/10/09

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Free Intermediate HPLC Course in November with every Introduction to Practical HPLC Course booking!




We have now arranged to run our Introduction to Practical HPLC Course twice in November, on the 3-4th November and the 10-11th November. Following each of these courses is an Intermediate Practical HPLC Course.  As a result of running the courses twice, we have space available on each, and so we are offering a free place on the Intermediate Course with every Introductory Course booking, saving almost £400 + VAT.


Each course lasts two days. The Introductory course covers isocratic HPLC, UV and RI detection, normal and reversed phase columns, and an introduction to integration and calibration. The second day is a lab practical and involves running a mix of five components, establishing the separation, identifying the peaks and setting up integration conditions. We then make up a master standard and a series of five dilutions. We set up a multipoint external standard calibration, and then run the standards in duplicate to complete the calibration. We discuss the results, including any differences between duplicates, reasons why retention times may have drifted, the consequences of any air bubbles etc. We use a different column for each HPLC system, so in some cases the peak elution order is different, so we can see the difference between different C18 and C8 phases. Finally we each run some unknowns, and compare results, hopefully getting pretty close to the correct answer, even though their separations often look quite different. We discuss the results, and consider why one group may have got different answers. This includes poor mixing of dilutions, the effect of an inaccurately made up master standard, using four different types of glass pipettes etc.


The intermediate course covers gradient elution, a more detailed coverage of UV and RI, along with diode array, fluorescence and conductivity detection. We look at the different types of C18 columns and the differences between them, and extend the coverage of integration and calibration to include internal standards and area%. The practicals use the same sample mix but actually run an internal standard calibration, and we use a purified sample of a single component to  show how to set up Area% analysis.


Each course is concluded with an assessment (lasting about 45 minutes) and we then discuss the results. Many participants comment that this is the most useful part of the course, as they feel confident that they have really understood the concepts covered by the course. For a booking form please see www.hplccourses.com  For those booking from hospital laboratories, both courses count for CPD points from the RCP or the IBMS!


Final Call for the HPLC Troubleshooting Course!

Our HPLC Troubleshooting Course is really thorough, and shows how to identify 90% of HPLC problems from six key indicators. It requires some experience of HPLC, so those booking should have had at least six months experience. If you find yourself reaching for a hammer because the HPLC is playing up, this course could pay for itself really quickly! It is running on the 22-23rd October, so bookings need to be in very soon! You can download a booking form from www.hplccourses.com


HPLC Masterclass

Bookings are open for the new Masterclass in Modern HPLC, which starts in January. This is a programme of 6 x 1 day Advanced HPLC modules, which are being run one day every two months at six locations around the UK in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester and Edinburgh. It is designed to challenge even experienced chromatographers and provide a good all round knowledge of the principles of HPLC. The content is intensive, and only those with HPLC experience should apply. However by running the courses at locations around the UK, no-one should need to travel too far or require overnight accommodation. Running the modules one day every two months makes it possible to digest the information and bring questions back to the next session. No-one needs to be away from the lab for more than a day. And by the end of the year, participants should feel confident to handle even complex HPLC issues. This programme is designed for Continuous Professional Development.


The six modules are:

Advanced HPLC 1:              The Science behind HPLC

Advanced HPLC 2:              HPLC Columns

Advanced HPLC 3:              HPLC Detection

Advanced HPLC 4:              Eluent Composition and Optimisation

Advanced HPLC 5:              Integration & Calibration

Advanced HPLC 6:              HPLC Instrumentation


These modules can be taken in any order, and so at each location, a different order has been created. Hence if for some reason you are unable to make one of the dates, it would be possible to catch up by attending that same module in one of the other five locations at a different time. For the full programme, plus dates, costs, discounts and a booking form, please follow this link:



Each course has its own course certificate and can be taken individually. However the programme is designed for professional analysts wishing to advance and update their knowledge, and it is expected that most will book the set of six courses. This carries an added incentive of a 33% discount, and a Certificate for the ‘Masterclass in Modern HPLC’ in addition to the individual course certificates.


If a company has four or more analysts that wish to take this program, or any of our other off-site courses,  we will run an extra series of courses on site. Details of on-site possibilities are available on the following link: http://www.hplccourses.com/StuartJonesHPLCAcademy-On-siteCourses.htm


We look forward to welcoming you on one of our HPLC Courses in the near future!


Best regards




Dr Stuart Jones


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