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Introduction to Practical GPC Course - 2 days
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Course duration:

2 days, 9am - 5pm
Cost: £395.00 + VAT
Suitable for: Anyone with little or no GPC experience
Location: Laserchrom in Rochester, Kent.
Fee includes: All training notes and folder, lunch, tea and coffee, course certificate
Course Presenter: Dr Arthur Barker and Dr Stuart Jones

Course Content:

Principles of GPC

Separation Principles

Column exclusion limit

Void volume and Pore volume of the system

Separation of a wide molecular weight range

Using 3 or 4 columns of different types in series

Using 3 or 4 mixed bed columns

Using 3 or 4 columns of mixed pore-size gel

Column formats in GPC

Standard columns 8.0 x 300mm

Rapid Analysis Format 6.0 x 150mm

High Resolution Format 4.6 x 250mm

Solvent Peak Separation Columns

Guard Columns

Eluent Choice

Sample solubility

Prevention of Chmical Interaction with the column

Refractive index

Sample preparation

Sample Concentration and dilution

Swelling of large molecules in solution

Molecular weight calibration

Calibration range

Calibration standards

Solvent dependence

Detection for GPC


Refractive index

Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors

GPC Data Systems

Day 2 - Lab Practical

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