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Free Lunchtime Seminars

If you would like a taster to see what we offer on our courses, we would be pleased to offer a free lunchtime seminar at your premises. Each presentation lasts about an hour. Printed notes are not provided, but a certificate can be issued to all those participating for training records.

Please select from the list below:

Seminar 1: Latest Developments in HPLC
  • High temperature HPLC - up to 200oC
  • uHPLC - up to 18,000 psi
  • New Columns - new bonding chemistries, new bonded phases, new end-capping, high pH resistance
  • Advances in LC-MS
  • Nano-LC
Seminar 2: Using Polymer-based Reversed Phase Columns

Many samples contain basic groups and require high pH to suppress ionisation and obtain sharp peaks.

Polymer supports solve these problems at a stroke, and since September 2006 there is no price penalty. But there are several changes to a method which have to be made.

Seminar 3: Unravelling the mysteries of Gradient Elution
  • What really happens in a column during gradient elution
  • Developing a gradient profile for the first time
  • The effect of changing gradient slope
  • Separation of complex mixtures
  • How to halve a method run time
Seminar 4: The application of HPLC theory to achieve a good separation

There are only three variables in the resolution equation. We consider how can they be changed in real life, and what effect can we expect from each of these changes.

Seminar 5: Making an HPLC Calibration work

Optimising integration is very important for avoiding errors, and establishing confidence in results. This is a refresher with something for everyone!

Seminar 6: Troubleshooting an HPLC System

This presentation presents a series of problem scenarios, and the faults are found by discussion.

eg. The pump is running, the drop rate into the waste bottle is normal, the baseline is normal, the back pressure is about 500psi higher than normal, and the peaks (but not the solvent front) are eluting late. Whats wrong?

To book a free lunchtime seminar, please email sales@laserchrom.com, stating your preferred seminar and giving a choice of dates.

One seminar is available per company, and semiars are offered on the basis that it is feasible to travel there and back in a day. In the event that a flight is needed, travel costs will be required.