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Customer Comments

We have run these course for more than 15 years and have welcomed delegates from all over the world. Customers have come from Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Israel, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, and China.

Customers have come from companies such as Murco Oil, Total Fina Elf, Shell, Max Planck Institute, Boeringer Ingelheim, GSK, Pfizer, TEVA, Genzyme, Novozyme, Sauflon, Nufarm, Greggs plc, Custom Pharmaceuticals, Laleham Healthcare, Pharmasol, Prosynth, Doncaster Royal Infimary, St Helier Hospital, Homerton Hospital, Kings College Hospital, Torbay Hospital, St Thomas Hospital, Sultan Qaboos Hospital - Oman, University of Nottingham, University of Newcastle, Queen Mary College, University of Sheffield, University of Kent, University of Agricultural Science - Romania, University of Greenwich, University of Bolton, Interscience, Bespak........

At the end of the course, participants complete a feedback form. The comments below are extracted from the responses on those forms. To avoid giving the appearance of endorsement, we have removed customers names, but all comments are published exactly as they appeared on the feedback form.

Here's what they had to say!

"It was really useful. I actually understand what I'm doing now. Its wasn't boring at all!"

"Your lunch is excellent and leaves the participants with an enhanced impression of the quality of the course."

"I have to do an HPLC project next year at University, and this will be a big advantage!"

"I had applied for over 50 jobs, and after the course I got offered a job almost straight away!"

"The practical reinforced the theory, and really helped me to understand the things I hadn't understood at work"

"I feel so much more confident now!"

"The course literature is excellent, thank you."

"Your confident delivery is most impressive, demonstrating much experience in the topic."

"I really enjoyed the two days course and learned so much!"

"Learned SO much! Cant wait to get back to work and try it out on our HPLC!"

"The course notes show that much thought has been invested in the presentation and content."

"This information is so useful, bordering essential!"

"Enthusiatic presentation, excellent course notes, really friendly people!"

"This course really gave me a boost! Going for a job interview tomorrow!"

"This course totally exceeded my expectations" (Advanced Course)

"Seeing everything come apart was a real eye-opener. At last, I understand how an HPLC works!" (Servicing Course)

"Well run course. Everyone was friendly and helpful. We were well looked after!"

"Dr Stuart, you da bomb!"