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About the HPLC Academy


Hands-On Practical HPLC Courses


The Stuart Jones HPLC Academy was formed in 2009, following 31 years of providing HPLC training for Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories, at Loughborough University, the University of London and the Royal Society of Chemistry Courses.

Courses are presented by Dr Stuart Jones, along with associates from universities and industry. Courses are delivered in English, although we regularly welcome those for whom English is not their first language.


Most of the courses contain hands-on lab practicals. We use a lab with 17 HPLC systems from various manufacturers.

The practical is directly relevant to the course content, and so is different for each course.

This is important, because it is so much easier to understand a concept once you have done it at least once.

Tell me->Show me->Let me do it myself!

Widest Range of HPLC Courses and right up to date

We focus on employability

We run the widest range of HPLC Courses anywhere in the world - see the Course Directory!

We go to a lot of effort to keep our courses right up-to-date, including a number of specialist HPLC courses which are not available anywhere else.


Our courses are designed to promote employability. We teach the skills neeeded to work in a modern HPLC lab. Students also learn how not to break an HPLC, and how to recognise when results are invalid.

All participants receive a signed and sealed course certificate.

We regularly offer work experience to the best particiapnts. These places are oversubscribed, so please ask early.


Accredited Courses

Courses in the UK and Overseas


All courses are accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Scientists (IBMS), the Royal College of Pathology (RCP) and the Institute of Science & Technology (IST), and the Advanced Course is accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

Where appropriate we can issue certificates for CPD points for those attending the courses, or a code to claim the points each year.


Courses are offered in the UK and overseas. Courses in the USA are organised through Gallery Science, and in Germany through Techlab.

Courses are run in Lagos, Nigeria, and will be offered in other major cities around the world as local partnerships are established, but we are pleased to offer quotations for on-site courses almost anywhere.



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